Alexander Ginzburg “Ginza” has been a “go to” guy for mastering for his clients since he founded Earth One Studios in 2003.  With 8 years of professional experience master mixing and final audio mastering, and being a highly trained well rounded musician himself, Alex provides analog/digital mastering using some of the most sought after  analog outboard EQs, Compressors, and software based Sound Field and Limiting in combination with a highly critical ear he has developed over 20+ years as a producer and musician.

Alex will provide you with a free sample from on of your songs before you commit to pay for your project, so you can be sure your hard earned investment is used towards maximum effect. You will be amazed as the sun rises on your tracks and you hear them clear, loud, present, and balanced.  You can move forward with your album, EP, or single release with confidence that it will match industry and radio standards of quality in sound.

There are several points to discuss before submitting your mix to be mastered so please be sure to discuss before emailing it over.

Send mastering requests and tracks to or call Alex at 404-468-6147

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