Eastern Standard


For the past six years, Eastern Standard has established itself as one of the strongest and most beloved Reggae bands in Georgia. The band has been continually progressing in their development of a truly unique form of Roots- Rock- Reggae. Part of the appeal of Eastern Standard is their distinct ability to incorporate diverse musical influences into a style of original Reggae that never strays from the roots. Even audiences that may not be familiar with the Reggae genre find themselves engaged in the energetic and exotic sound. Unlike so many bands of today, Eastern Standard has never been content to be a generic reggae band or afraid to take chances and explore uncharted musical territory.

Attaining the elusive balance of classic and contemporary, rough and smooth – heavy and light, E. S. has that rare quality of versatility that enables them to be at once innovative and accessible. The lyrical themes are always conscious and inspiring. Collective chemistry and comradery which the band exemplifies are part of their intangible arsenal of appeal. Eastern Standard has devoted itself to becoming a consummate concert band, making each show a musical experience and taking each fan on a sonic journey. If you must categorize the group, place Eastern Standard. in the category of heavyweight contenders in a globalized world where musical borders and marketing barriers are being broken daily. Their original compositions exude a rich character that qualifies it as a legacy worthy of recognition and longevity. In a world of imitators the innovators and trailblazers always stand apart from the pack. This has helped to make the Atlanta-based band a powerhouse with a signature sound that can rock a show at any venue for any crowd.

Eastern Standard 1

Drawing a widely diverse audience to their performances, as well as a devoted league of hard-core fans, the vibe is always positive and powerfully uplifting at an E.S. show. Whether they are headlining or opening it matters not, because the crowd always wins. Eastern Standard comprises multi-talented and experienced international musicians, a blend of unique personalities that are evolving, and carving out a nich and name of their own.

EASTERN STANDARD is a musical entity that is truly unique. The music has been described as uplifting, meditative and conscious. Audiences of diverse makeup have been delighting in their distinct sound and dynamic stage show which has caused them to gather an ever increasing following of enthusiastic fans. This talented and multifaceted group is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Rest assured that it is only a matter of time before Eastern Standard breaks the boundaries of State lines and national borders to take their sound to people of the world and make a massive mark on the international marketplace of music.

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